Weapons and Armor Mods for Oblivion!
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Arena Armor Change
Description:.Changes AR (Armor Rating) of the armor used in the Arena battles, making the battles hard.
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All Armor
Description: This mod makes all the armors playable. Some armors shipped with the game but were not playable, such as the emperors clothing or the Guard Captains Armor.
Installiation Instructions:Extract the contents of the zip file to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data. Then open the Oblivion Launcher.exe and click data files and double click All_Armors.esp (make sure there is an "X" next to it).
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Arrow Velocity
Description:Increases arrow velocity according to arrow quality. Iron
arrows still fire at standard rate, whereas higher quality arrows
now fire twice as fast. Beware: this increases the relative
difficulty of fighting and archer, as it will be harder to dodge
his shots.

0.5: First release, more testing required on difficulty of
enemy archers with high quality rounds, as well as the increase
of player power when shooting. Next version will include Bow
Quality as a major factor, while decreasing the overall velocity
at maximum ammo/weapon settings. Update expected by 3-25
Download here

DB Enhancement Mod
Description: This mod changes both the Dark Brotherhood Robe and the Shrouded Armor you get from the Dark Brotherhood to allow you to wear different gauntlets and boots with it.
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Elven Weapon Weight Reduction by Deathbane27
Description: Reduces weight of all Elven weapons (and enchanted weapons that use the Elven models) by 20-70%. Seriously, they should not weigh more than Dwarven weapons!
Download it here
Imperial Watch Armor Enabler by Nakar
Description: A simple toggle to the properties of Imperial Watch armor (worn by palace guards and captains such as Lex) which makes it possible to loot and wear this armor. The armor is unmodified, and is Heavy and functionally identical to ordinary Steel (perhaps slightly better, I haven't checked fully). No spawns have been made so expect a difficult time of acquiring the armor, as you'll need to take it directly from a guard wearing it.
Download it here.

LD - New Arrows by Sigwigs
Description:A small shipment of some special arrows, made especially for adventurers level 2 and up, has been delivered to a few merchants around Tamriel. See Rohssan at A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City, Daenlin at The Archer's Paradox in Bravil, or Borbagra Uzgash at Borba's Goods in Cheydinhal.
Levelled list:
Lv2 - Skillfull Arrow - 20s Absorb Marksman 2pts on strike (2x Speed)
Lv3 - Sundered Arrow - 15ft Weaken Fire 25%, 4ft Fire Damage 10pts on strike
Lv3 - Frozen-wind Arrow - 15ft Weaken Frost 25%, 4ft Frost Damage 10pts on strike
Lv3 - Flash Arrow - 15ft Weaken Shock 25%, 4ft Shock Damage 10pts on strike (2x Speed)
Lv5 - Stunning Arrow - 10s Paralyze on strike
Lv6 - Envenom Arrow - 20s Damage Health 5pts on strike
Lv7 - Stunned-wave Arrow - 8ft, 10s Paralyze on strike (1.25x Speed)

Unrar to your Oblivion\Data folder, and activate with the Oblivion launcher. Enjoy!
Download the New Arrows Mod for Oblivion without any signups here

Lite Arrows by Ninepin
Description: A very simple mod that reduces the weight of all arrows in the game to either nothing or reduces their weight by up to fifty percent for top end arrows.
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Mithril Armor Weight Reduction by Deathbane27
Description: Reduces weight of all Mithril armor (and enchanted armor that uses the Mithril models) by 50% to 75%. During the time you are using Mithril armor, some pieces' effective AR is the same as Chainmail. It made more sense to reduce it's weight than to increase it's protection, since all the light armor is crammed together pretty tightly as it is.
Download it here.
Quick Draw by wingus
Description: This mod adds the Quick Draw Composite Bow and Quick Draw Arrows to the shop "A Fighting Chance" in the Market District of the Imperial City. The Bow can be drawn and fired rapidly for quick takedowns.
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Red Glass Gear by PizzasRgooD
Description: Added recolored glass armor and weapons to the Fire and Steel shop in Chorrol. Does NOT replace the original glass armor. Red Glass armor and weapons are identical to the original green, except for the color.
Download the Red Glass Gear Here.
Enchant weapons with a GrandSoul Gem by David Ramis
This mod permits you to enchant weapons, (not armor) with a GrandSoulGem It has a reademe (spanish because the author has the spanish Oblivion version but most of you already understand how this works. Anyway download it HERE!!!