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Most people don't have $1000 - 2000 plus to spend on a custom website, or understand all there is about hosting costs, Domain Name Registraion etc.. They feel it's like trying to put together a Rubik's Cube. So avoid the headache and let a professional handle it for you! That's where I come in.

For nearly the cost of your cell phone plan or less, you can get your very own custom website! No up front or hidden costs. no paying for the expensive website design.. No extra hosting fees. You tell me what you want.. I'll take care of everything.. I'll build your site for you, answer your questions and help you each step of the way!

Think your site will change? Well, with your monthly fee you also get 1-2 hours of updates or changes every month! Think about it.. for $50-$100 per month, you don't have to worry about a thing.. You have your very own website and your up and running!

$50-$100 too much? I do have some other monthly prices available.. for e-sales, basic landing pages, shopping carts, or just information pages. All my NO HASSLE WEBSITES!™ Prices start at $20 a month and go up but the average site is around $50 /mo.

clockRemember This is a custom web design offer, so you will have to contact me for more information. Let me know what you are thinking, what you can afford. I will work with you!

It takes a couple of days to about a week to construct your site. So get your name in right away! AND AGAIN!!! If you are a Christian business please tell me, I will provide you a special discounted rate on your NO HASSLE WEBSITE!


check mark100% custom web site design
check markA hosting package (ad free)
check markA domain name
check markCustom Email's
check markAdvanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
check mark1 hour or more of additions or changes per month (if needed)
check markA friend you can call or email for questions or advice in your business
check markA person that can handle your graphic design and marketing needs.
check markNO HASSLE
check markNO CONFUSION
check markPeace of mind
check markMore business from being found on the internet

Sound easy? It is!

business relationshipDid you notice that I'm not all automated like all the other websites online? That's because I still believe in PERSONAL business relationships. You don't just sign up and get left not knowing what to do. I personally work with you and for you. Your site is done by ME...not someone else... Not a subcontractor..... ME. If you have a question you can call me or email me. NO long waits on an automated phone message system. No annoying and unfriendly automated email responses. 100% personal interaction through either phone or email.



MR. Cheap hosting.... Why is your cheap hosting so cheap?

A: I purchased a reseller plan from godaddy.com. And unlike most people I lowered the prices on the already cheap hosting plans to the cost they provide me and extend that price to you! NO i do not make any money on the cheap hosting but I do make money on designing the sites for you. So this cheap hosting service is just a nice bonus for the clients that wish for me to design a site for them! they get a good web design and cheap hosting!

Q: MR. Cheap Web Design....Is The Cost Of A Website Affordable?

A: SEE ABOVE!!! I have plans starting at $20.00 a month for a custom website! Just call for more information on a Cheap Websites from a Cheap Web Designer! who can also provide you with cheap hosting.

Q:Mr. Cheap web designer, How do I / we pay for this?

A: EASY! we get you set up with an account on my GoDaddy.com reseller account (GoMandy.com) from there i'll direct you how to get your domain name / hosting / and start your NO HASSLE WEBSITES!™ plan into motion. Or if you would rather me do it all for you, You just fill out a Credit Card Authorization form and I'll take care of it all for you. And you will ALWAYS be notified before ANY charges are made to your card.

Q:What if I already have a domain name or hosting? but need you to design it?

A: Not a problem! we can transfer everything, or just discount your monthly rate. Most people save money by transfering as you get discounted GoDaddy hosting for $3.99 a month.

Q:Mr. Cheap webpage designer, will my site be like 100 other sites?

A: NO!!! You will have a custom web site design! unless you want your site to be like one you found on the internet. I won't copy it but I can make it very similar.

Q:Mr. Cheap web page designer, what if i need to update my site a couple times a month?

A: NO PROBLEM! Each package's monthly payment has BUILT IN time for FREE monthly updates or changes!

Q:Mr. Cheap websites, why do people call you all those different names you have written out above? Like Mr. cheap web page designers, or mr. cheap websites. etc.

A: GOOD QUESTION! see I understand how search engines work and the same reason you found this site is the same reason why you will want to use me as your cheap web site designer! I can get your website on google and other search engines without you paying EXTRA money every month! I am an experienced Search Engine Optimizer. So I know the secret to getting great search engine placement. Want proof? Just google "Cheap Graphic Design" and I'm #1 and #2 on Google.

Q: Do I need to be a client to get the good deals on your Cheap hosting? or Cheap Domain Name Registraion?

A: NO! if you would just like to get discounts on hosting or domain names please feel free to use my account. Just go to GoMandy.com and pick something that is right for you.



WebsitesCheap Web Pages


The Elite FotoGraphics NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™ plans includes everything you need to get started on the web.  The main service is your custom website design or pre-made template design for a small monthly fee depending upon your needs. We can also tailor a special price for you according to what you need your website to do.  The most popular package is the Gold Package which includes:

Cheap Web DesignerCustom Design (1-5 pages max non-flash)
Web PagesShared Hosting plan
Cheap Web siteCustom Domain Name w/ email address
Cheap Web sitesBasic Search Engine Optimization
Cheap Web DesignerOne (1) Hour of updates or changes per month (non accumulative)
Cheap Web DesignersOption for Pay per Click Advertising





Cheap Web DesignerAs a customer you will receive a Custom Web Page Design. If you have not already, please send samples or links to us to get an idea of what you would like your website to be like. A link includes the HTTP:// (hyper text transfer protocol) Your Custom Design is a Basic design package. You will receive an INDEX page ( main page ) and up to 4 additional pages. Most basic sites include the following:

HOME | About us | Contact us | Links | Products

As you can see the above sample includes 5 pages, you can substitute page names or customize how you would like your other pages to be organized.  For example;

You can change About us to a Services Page where a list of your services can be displayed. Just let us know what you would like and we’ll create it for you.

The construction of your website may take a bit longer than you think. Due to high demand of this service and the speed of which the internet propagates your site information it usually takes 15-30 days to completely finish your website. (this time is not a definite time frame it all depends on  how quickly you get us the information and how many changes or alterations you make during the design phase.  However good sites are never finished which is why you receive an allocated amount of time each month for changes or updates to your site!

Cheap Web DesignerSHARED HOSTING:

You are receiving a Shared Hosting plan for your website.  A shared hosting plan is Hosting service that allows you to effectively manage your site by sharing server space with other clients allowing for a lower cost of service.  A dedicated server or computer is only needed for clients such as bestbuy.com or sears.com where the traffic is so HIGH that they need a computer or server all to themselves. 


A domain is An Internet address in alphabetic form. Domain names must have at least 2 parts: the part on the left which names the organization, and the part on the right which identifies the highest sub domain, such as the country (fr for France, uk for United Kingdom) or the type of organization such as .COM


A form of online marketing, search engine optimization (or search engine marketing) is the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. Successful search marketing helps a site gain top positioning for relevant words and phrases.  Be sure you tell me which keywords you would like to focus on. We will recommend a few for you and our site construction process takes advantage of the way search engines look at sites. If you wish to upgrade your search engine optimization to the Advanced Search Engine Optimization there is a one time charge of $250.00.  Our Advanced SEO uses a custom algorithm created by us to get you a higher page rank and not have to pay for top ranking. The downside of this process is that it takes about 30 days to begin to show results.

Christian Web Site Designer


For each NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™ plan ie: the $35, $75, $100, $200, or $600 a month plan you will receive a set amount of time per month for updates or changes. The time allotment is as follows:

$35.00 / mo

$60.00 /mo

$75 /mo



.5 hour / mo

.5 hour /mo

1 hour/mo

1.5 hours /mo

5 hours /mo

For each hour over the time allocated you will be billed at $35.00 per hour.  You will NEVER be blindly charged this rate.  If your updates will take longer than your allocated time you will be notified prior to any updates being made.  We may also spread out the changes requested over a period of months to keep you for being billed additional money.



Web Site DesignerGoogle uses a special program to bring target internet searchers directly to your site by placing relevant ads / websites in their search results depending upon what the user searched for.  ELITE FOTOGRAPHICS is a certified user of Google Adwords and will run your Adwords account for you. We only charge a standard 15%* of your advertising fee at a minimum of $10.00 per month for No Hassle Platinum Members.  This Fee is taken out by subtracting 15%* from their budget. For Example, if a GOLD client’s budget is $100.00 every month, we will take 15% and then work with $85.00 for their advertising budget. PLEASE NOTE: We do not use the clients Google account. We maintain a quality pre-approved account that we run all of our advertising campaigns through. We will simply add the clients new campaign on to our client listing.   All advertising funds are required to be paid through PayPal. We only accept for PPC because  PayPal’s fees for accepting funds is less than other systems and you receive the full advertising credit as well as buyer protection and an easy to follow receipt history system.  Payment can be made with your credit card VIA PayPal directly on our website at: http://www.azmyth.com/payments.htm





As a NO HASSLE WEBSITE customer you will get the added benefit of having a link to your website placed on our website.  For those of you that do not understand how Search Optimization works, this is a very big deal! Our site generates well over 10,000 hits per day and more importantly, is NUMBER 1 on Google.  A site that is ranked high is assumed to have links to very good quality sites so automatically your ranking goes up AND your site is found by searching it’s name very quickly!



No Hassle Web SiteTo make this service profitable, you are required to agree to the monthly payment for two years.  NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™ service is a website rental program. Where as long as you remain a NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™  customer your website will remain online.  If you cancel your NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™  plan before the agreement is up you will be billed the full amount of the design of your website minus the payments you have already made. If Client does not make payment within 30 days of cancellation of the NO HASSLE WEBSITE!™ plan his/her credit card will be charged the balance of payment. If we are unable to obtain payment via credit card your account will be sent to our collection agency to obtain the owed funds and your credit will be affected. Sometimes it is required to cancel and we understand. Please just let us know and arrange for payment.  Your first monthly payment will begin when we start the construction of your website. The monthly payment is always charged on the 15th of every month. If the (renter’s) card is declined and payment is not made on the 15th ( renter ) will be assessed a  late fee. The late fee payments will be charged automatically.  If payment is not made within 10 days, your website will be taken off-line and a message to contact your sites administrator will be visible in place of your home page.

No Hassle Web SitesHIDDEN CHARGES:

Being a victim of hidden fees in the past we understand the concern to find and locate any hidden fees.  We do NOT have any hidden fees and will NOT bill your credit card for any unauthorized fees at any time. Nor will we ever bill your credit card for anything but the normal monthly rate including late fees unless agreed upon by you (renter).  However if the situation arises that you owe additional funds for additional time spent on site updates we will charge the renters credit card on file only if agreed upon by renter in writing via email at the time payment is required. All other payments can be made through our website’s secure payment page located at




We (ELITE FOTOGRAPHICS) will never sell / rent / give / your personal information to anyone for any reason.  We will however place the URL of your website in as many places a possible to provide you with a high search ranking.  You are encouraged to do the same. Your URL will look as follows: http://www.your-domain-name.com

Cheap Web Sites


Each plan has a referral bonus option attached as a way to lower your monthly rate.  The Referral Option works like this:  If at anytime during your active membership in a NO HASSLE WEBSITE! PLAN, you refer a client who also signs up for a NO HASSLE PLAN, you will receive a permanent discount on your monthly fee. Your fee can decrease $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00 respectively for each new client you refer that signs up. The more referrals you get, the cheaper your monthly payment can become. The lowest that your monthly rate can reach is $5.00 a month.


If YOU refer a customer that signs up for a Silver package.-Your monthly payment goes down $5.00 permanently!

  • Gold package.--- $10.00 a month permanently
  • Platinum package.--- $15.00 a month permanently



No Hassle Website! Subscription Plans

BRONZE PACKAGE (Choose a Template or Pre-Made site) $35.00/mo (+$2.60 fees) (2 pages–Main & Contact)

  • Cheap Web Designer Shared Hosting plan
  • Cheap Web DesignerDomain Name w/ email address
  • Cheap Web DesignerBasic Search Engine Optimization
  • Cheap Web DesignerOne half (.5) Hour of updates or changes per month (non accumulative)
  • Cheap Web DesignerSales only through PayPal
  • Cheap Web DesignerFree Stock Photography
  • Cheap Web DesignerLinks/mini Advertisement placed on Our Websites.
  • Cheap Web DesignerOption for Pay per Click Advertising at a 20% fee

SILVER PACKAGE: $50.00/mo (+$3.65 fees) (1-4 pages -non flash)

  • Cheap Web Designer Shared Hosting plan
  • Cheap Web DesignerDomain Name w/ custom email address
  • Cheap Web DesignerBasic Search Engine Optimization
  • Cheap Web DesignerOne Half (.5) Hour of updates or changes per month (non accumulative)
  • Cheap Web DesignerOption for Pay per Click Advertising at a standard 15% fee


GOLD PACKAGE: $110.00/mo (+$4.60 fees (1-6 pages -non flash) ($75 for Christian Clients or Organizations)

  • Cheap Web DesignerShared Hosting plan
  • Cheap Web DesignerDomain Name w/ custom email address
  • Cheap Web DesignerStandard Search Engine Optimization
  • Cheap Web DesignerOne (1) Hour of updates or changes per month (non accumulative)
  • Cheap Web Designer Option for Pay per Click Advertising at a standard 10% fee
  • Cheap Web Designer Links/mini Advertisement placed on Elite FotoGraphics Websites.


PLATINUM PACKAGE: $200.00/mo (+$5.50 fees (1-10 pages with basic flash or Sales option with no flash

  • Cheap Web DesignerShared Hosting plands
  • Cheap Web Designer 2 Domain Names w/ custom email address
  • Cheap Web DesignerPremium Search Engine Optimization
  • Cheap Web DesignerTwo (2) Hours of updates or changes per month (non accumulative)
  • Cheap Web Designer Option for Pay per Click Advertising at a 5% fee
  • Cheap Web DesignerLinks/mini Advertisement placed on Elite FotoGraphics Websites. PLUS FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK!!



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“It was so easy! I just searched for a website online that I liked and told Andy to make mine similar. He did that and more! I love it!”

-Mindy J., silver member since 2005

“I looked and looked for a web designer that could get me what I wanted for the right price but all prices were $2,000 and up. Then I found Andy. It was a NO BRAINER! Thank you very much Andy! Your work is great; use me as a reference anytime.”

– Maurice H. gold member since 2006

“I want everyone to know how Andy works! First off, he is a Christian, Second, He went above and beyond what was expected and even helped me learn how to do some things that were NOT even related to my website. If you want someone in your corner for your online business, look no further.”

- Dr. Kim S- Multiple Bronze memberships since 2007

“I don’t understand the first thing about websites or what is involved.  All I knew is that I needed one! What Andy does for my business is amazing and he has taken the burden off my shoulders! AND for a price I would gladly pay three times more for. Thank you for all your help and Good Luck!”

J. Baker – Bronze member since 2008

"Andrew is an outstanding and gifted designer... His gift is like no other human on earth... how he connects with clients and designs their work is truly amazing. I am at a loss for words to even describe the service he provides me. Thank you!"

-K. Jamal (kjp-family & KJPINTL)

"Truly amazing, reasonable, and helpful! Andrew has blessed me in so many ways. He has went above and beyond what I could have ever expected of anyone. I am a very picky person and his patience and talent has made having a web site a truly FUN and rewarding experience. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Andrew for any web or graphic design work you might have! He is beyond the best I have ever worked with in my 50 plus years."

-E. Beuman Gold member since 2007

"Andrew helped me with more than just the site, he was open to working with different ideas for my business and really helped solidify what I wanted to do with the web site and my business."
- Dan O. (the Commission Zone)


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