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High Quality Video Game Sprites.

you can also submit your video game sprites here too.

I have taken these Pixel based sprites and converted them to Vector based.
Feel free to download them and use them in any flash animation you wish.

I have provided the flash file for you. All you have to do is download, open and take the flash movie clips or the graphics and insert them into your own animation.

NOTE: These Super Mario Sprites are vector based so there are no pixels.... this means you can ZOOM in for close ups. Feel free to change mario's colors or even his shape. add better eyes ect.

Do you want to submit some of your vector based sprites or normal sprites? you will receive full credit!please email me at just replace the word AT with the symbol. you can attach your files in the email and i will post them ASAP!

click here to download the flash save file.

download 96kb

ZELDA II normal sprite.
right click and save the file for use. Download all (.zip) file here

ZELDA II - Link with an active shield spell
right click and save the file for use. or Download all (.zip) file here

ZELDA II - Link in the Dark
right click and save the file for use. or Download all (.zip) file here

Here are some swords, Axes, and a Shield sprites for you to use. you can modify the above link sprites or create your own sprites with them. These sword sprites were created by Popo Thanks Colton! NICE JOB. Oh Popo also created the Axes and Shield as well!
If any one else wants to post their own game sprites please just send em on over via email!


Be sure to check out there are some good tutorials there and if you have any tutorials on how to do game sprites i'll post it there too!