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Giving your tables rounded corners in Dreamweaver

by Kris Schmidt

1. In Photoshop:
Make a new file (#1) size 20 pixels by 20 pixels.
Using the paint bucket, make the background color black.
With the ellipse tool, (NOT the circular marquis tool) start at upper left corner of document and drag to lower right corner. Make the circle white.

Your screen should resemble this picture.

Make four even sections by using the ruler guides.
Under the Layer menu, choose rasterize layer.
Delete the background layer.

Choose the rectangular marquis tool and select the upper left corner of the circle. Under the edit menu, choose cut.
Make a new file (#2) and click paste under the edit menu. On the layers panel, name the layer upper left.

Continue selecting and pasting each four corners on the #2 file until you have a layer for each section of the circle.

On the #2 file, hide all layers but upper left.

Go to File, Save for Web.
Change the JPEG format to GIF. Save in the Assets folder under the Dreamweaver website you are creating.
Select next layer, and follow these steps until you have saved a GIF file for each section of the circle.