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How Do I Get to Heaven?

I'm sure you've read many things about God and people often tell you that you need to be saved! or you need God in your life. Perhaps you do want that but don't understand or know where to go. Below is an EASY way to understand! Read it and learn how to get to Heaven!!!

Most people consider themselvs to be a good person. You may feel that way also. People everyday try to do the "right thing" They try and make good choices, And be kind to other people. In fact most people believe that by these actions they can earn their place in Heaven. That is the farthest thing from the truth. There is NOTHING you can do the EARN your place in Heaven.

So you consider yourself a good person. OK? but by who's standards. Yours or Gods?
God's standard is much more strict than ours. Answer these questions.

Have you ever Stolen anything before? Such as a pencil from work. A cookie from the cookie jar when you were a kid? Left early from work? I'm almost positive everyone will answer YES to this question.

Have you ever Lied before? Told your wife her hair looks nice when it looked like crap. Said YES i'll be there and didn't show up? Everyone will answer YES to this question too.

Last question. Have you ever looked at a woman and said.. WOW she's hot.. or thought.. MMMM I would just LOVE to _______... ? You may think it's ok to window shop, your wife may even think that too. But Jesus told us this in Matthew 5:28: If a man even looks at a woman to lust after her. He has already committed adultry in his heart.

WOW. I know i'm guilty of that one. Most guys would be too. So if You add up the number of yes's in the previous questions and come up with a total of 3:

You are a Lying, Adulteress, Theif. That doesn't seem to be a good person does it? NO!

You are Guilty by Gods standard and Unworthy to enter heaven. In fact the bible even tells us that fact in Romans 3:23 "For ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God"

So how can you fix it? What can you do to earn your way into Gods Glory..Earn your way to Heaven? YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!!! YOU ARE A SINNER! and God tells us that the Wages of sin is DEATH! There is a consequence for your sin and that consequence is to Die and Go to Hell.

Now you may be thinking. I can just ask God to forgive me! He forgives and I can get to Heaven!! YAY!!!!

NO again!!!!

Think of it like this: You are standing in a courtroom. You are before the Judge. You have just been prooven GUILTY for stealing a car. All the evidence is in the jury has made their decision. You are Guilty. The Judge is going to give you your Sentance.

Do you think if you said. "JUDGE.... I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" he would say I forgive you. You are free to go. Do you think if he was any kind of judge he would do that?

NO! of course not! God is the best judge there is and he will say I FORGIVE YOU but you still have to pay for your crime!

Get it?

So the judge says you must pay $300,000 as your fine If you can't pay it you will serve XX ammount of time in Jail. That sentance is bad.. but isn't nearly as bad as Eternity in Hell.

NOW... what if someone that was inside the courtroom comes up, stands besides you and looks at the judge and says Judge: This guy here is my buddy and I love him. I am willing to pay his fine for him and do any time in his place. The Judge looks at you and says. Is this ok with you?

Now here is where you have a choice to make. Do you accept? and then walk free? feeling eternly grateful for this stranger. YES!!!!!

Well that is what GOD did for you!!! He doesn't want ANY one to go to hell! He wants ALL of his Children to go to Heaven! So he sent Jesus! to pay that debt of sin for you! All you have to do is accept it! it's FREE!

If you wonder why.. think of it like this.. Imagine you have 6 kids. And God says to you. You must pick 3 of those children to go to hell and the others will go to Heaven. You as a parent couldn't possibly condem 3 of your children to hell for eternity. So you might say.. NO.. I will go in their place! And that is what God did! God became human in the form of Jesus Christ and took the punishment in your place on that Cross! He did that for you! his Child! In fact. Jesus would have Died if it was JUST YOU on earth and no one else. JUST YOU!!! he loves you that much!!! He loves you like you are his Child! Imagine how you feel about your kid... Now take that feeling and multiply it by 5,000 that is how much God loves you!

All you have to do is Accept the free gift that God has given to you. And to do that you do this:

Pray something like this: "God. I realize that I am guilty and can't enter Heaven. I know that you sent Jesus to pay for my sin. I believe that he died for me and I accept that Gift and want him to come into my heart and live for me. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord of my life. Thank you for your forgiveness. Amen"

There you go! once you pray that prayer... AND MEAN IT! the Holy Spirit will come into your heart and work with you to live your life for God. You will strive to be more like Jesus. Your sins have been forgiven! ALL your sins. Past Present and Future!

If you are confused about God being three persons.. Also known as the Holy Trinity. Think of it like WATER:

You have WATER. You can take that Water and put it in a glass and it takes the form of the glass. Put it in a Jug and it takes the form of the Jug. THAT IS GOD!

Now take that same water.. and put it in the freezer. It will hold it's form and not change. It turns into ICE. but is still fully water. THAT IS JESUS! HUMAN.. but still ALL GOD. Just like ICE is still all Water!

Now take that water and boil it! the water turns into steam. The steam is still water just in a vaporous form! THAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT! God in spirit form! also known as GHOST!

So you see? ALL THREE THINGS ARE STILL WATER! just in different forms! it's the same with God!!! Just in different forms!

If you have any questions please email me!

and if you prayed the above prayer please let me know! I'd love to hear about it! God bless you!