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Order Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion NOW or download it to your hard drive. This site offers Many Mods or Modifications to Oblivion


Also I'm kinda proud of my index page for this site. Most people don't see it but click here to check it out.
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The first link for Morrowind's Oblivion
an Oblivion Quest! Click below

Do want the Oblivion Construction Set? Click here to download the file.

MOD in progress-
Cult of the Talosec II - The Revenge of the Council of Insurkrecract. click here to download and visit the site.

a screen shot of the new elder scrolls IV Mod Adventure Middle Earth. This image is of a trough.

Adventure Middle Earth
AME mod for Oblivion.

Ok Everyone I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings and am very excited about this one. Click here to read about it. Adventure Middle Earth

Click here to watch the trailer for Adventure Middle Earth

A screen shot of the new Elderscrolls IV oblivion Mod Adventure Middle Earth. This Image is of a Horse drawn cart. Much like the one Gandalf the Grey rides in on  in the first Lord of the rings movie.

a Screen shot of the new elder scrolls oblivion mod the otherside cronicles. this is just concept art

Another Mod that looks pretty good for Elderscrolls IV Oblivion is The Otherside Chronicles During the posting of this site, it is not completed yet but you can still get a good Idea of it's progress and quality from their website. click here to check it out. This is a screen shot or a concept art of the new elderscrolls oblivion mod The other side cronicles

Download the full version of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion straight to your hard drive by using the search bar at the top of the page, and type in "Download Elderscrolls" and select the third listing! without the quotes.

New Oblivion Spell: Irresistable Allure
A spell, sold by Thaurron in the Anvil Mages Guild, that causes any friendly NPC (enemy NPCs follow you anyways) to follow you for 60 seconds. Very useful for getting an NPC away from the guards so you can kill them, steal from them, etc. Click here to download this spell.
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Character Creator
Excel document which calculates player stats based on selected race, birthsign and other attributes. Created by enterdarkness. Click here to download it!
Haverst MOD
Removes Flora from the game world once searched for ingredients. The Flora respawns after 35 Days... It's a simple script, I attached it to all Flora that did NOT already have a script attached. I plan on updating it to respawn the Flora when the ingredients respawn, but I dont have a good idea what the respawn rate/event actually is yet. Click here to download this new Oblivion mod!
A simple tweak, brought to you by LostInGeneral. Remove those annoying borders and that message every one and their sister despises! click here to download this mod.There are some issues, of course, since all hedid was remove the boundary.
No Quest Markers and Improved Inventory Layout.
This will remove the Active Quest Marker (the red one) from the compass and the maps. It will still show the User Created Marker if you have it on.
The dungeon and other location icons were removed from the compass also. So the compass just shows direction. These icons will still show up on the maps though.
The inventory changes are based on the 12 item inventory mod that Beider on the Official Forums worked out, I cleaned up and tweaked the display out for the Inventory, Magic, Stats and Looting screens.
There is no ESP file. It's just XML changes. Just unzip into the Data directory and it should work. It can't be toggled off and on in the game though. So if you want them back you will need to exit out and rename/delete the "menus" directory. click HERE to download this mod.

Capucine's Eye Selection
A selection of 26 eyes for all races except Orcs.
This mod isn't exactly lore-friendly really as they've included some fantasy colours and all humanoid eyes are now available to Dark Elves just to give you Dunmer more choice :) For the full choice of eyes, see the enclosed .jpg.
If you have any sugestions the modder would love to hear from you. His email is in the readme file. Click here to download this Mod
Khajiit's Night Eye Toggle Mod for Oblivion
This is a simple mod that changes the Khajiit racial Eye of Night lesser power. Rather than having a duration, the night eye is now toggled on and off when the lesser power is cast.
The NoEff version removes the spell particle effect upon casting. Download it here

NO LOAD Modification for Oblivion
This mod removes the "Loading area..." flash that occurs while outside completely. Download the No Load Mod here

Marksman Velocity Mod
Marksman Velocity gradually increases the speed of arrows according to the bow and ammo quality used in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.. An Iron bow with iron arrows will still lazily loft toward your enemy at standard setting, while an elven bow with appropriate ammo will send a shaft screaming for your opponent.
This will make hitting a moving opponent easier for the well equipped archer, but the opposite also applies --enemies with proper gear will be hard to dodge. This mod has no effect to damage. Click here to download this Marksman velocity mod.

New Mod to Remove the Compass functionality in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
Description: By setting the Compass' reading distances to 0, the compass will no longer function at all, except tell you your general face direction. click here to download this oblivion mod

PUT YOUR MOD HERE! and be sure to check out the SPEILBURGH movie! Watch the trailer. If you like mall rats or clerks or the new Clerks 2 movie that will be coming out you will love Speilburgh.

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