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In Dreamweaver:

Under the Modify menu, choose page properties. Change the background to a light color other than white.

Insert a table with 3 columns, and 3 rows. Set the cell padding at 0 and border at 0. The width of the table should be 90 percent.

Make the inside cells of the table white; leave the corners as is. (Shown below.)

  make white  
make white make white make white
  make white  

Click in the upper left corner of the table. Insert the image named upper-left.gif. Continue adding the images around the corners.

Click and drag along dotted lines to size inside of table. Drag the middle cell as far left and as far right as possible.


The four corners will not fit correctly, so you will need to add spacers. Click on the upper left corner and copy and paste it into the five middle sections of the table. You will also need to change the size of each image to 1x1.