Websites That Make Money

want to know how to get your website to the top of google?

There is a secret to making websits that make money and that secret is patience. You will not start seeing your money until your website has been on the internet for a few months. Free Search Engine submission takes awhile so be patient.

There are many ways to gain income from your website. Here I will go through a few samples and explain how they work.

Websites that make money SAMPLE ONE: ( the most common )

Selling items. Ok so you have seen a thousand and a half websites selling trinkets and all of them make money.. at least a little bit. That is the great thing there are billions and billions of people out there surfing and looking for YOUR product.. or looking for a different product.. and just don't know about yours yet! So if you have something to sell and it's a good product. You could make millions! Don't have a product? move on to sample two.

websites that make money SAMPLE TWO (the easiest)

Selling Information. Information is the largest. and I mean LARGEST seller on the internet. This is, afterall, the "INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY" and information is everywhere and GOOD information in NICE packaging is always for sale! See. every joe schmo has their opinion... but NOT every joe schmo has their opinion packaged all pretty ready for you to buy. Here is where your website comes in. If you have information you need a website to sell it. A "pretty" one. I could sell this information. All I would have to do is package it up. use certain advertising words like Demystified, and Learn how Websites Make money! and Turn your Website into a Gold Mine for Free!. But i'm not going to do that. Somewhere I just think information should remain free.... Don't have any information? move to sample three

websites that make money SAMPLE THREE ( The most profitable )
Advertisement. Ever hear of Google Adsense? NO? click the link and read all about it. That is where your money is... ADS! If you have then you know! you just need a website that get's hits. Here's a place you can go to get some hits on your site:

How to get traffic to your website

Another thing you need to do is submit to search engines. and again.. remember it takes time to get your site up and running on the search engines. (about a month or two) So here is a rundown:

1. Sign up for either a free website here Geocities or have your own. ( it is better to have your own as the free ones cause problems.
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2. Sign up for google Adsense. here Google Adsense or another program. ( i know google adsense makes money)

3. Build your site. or buy one. in fact I will sell you a website to get started with. For just 2 dollars. It gets about 1,000 hits a day. and makes aroud 3-5 dollars in Advertising money a day as well. . All you have to do is use paypal.. don't have paypal? paypal will let you use a credit card. after you pay. you will be given the code to just COPY and PASTE into your favorite html editor... rename... add your own google ads upload to the net and you are on your way!

4. Let people know about your site. do a search on the internet for "free search engine submission". you will find tons of places to get the word out. tell your friends and send out emails. Actually I know a secret to getting your website noticed by search engines.. REALLY quickly.. in fact. I just might take my own advice and Sell that information! Cause it's really good! and really works!!! and it's free.. but for now.. i'm just going to keep that a secret.

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OH also with that godaddy account i have.. they have a neat website builder... so again check out my cheap domains and hosting section and look at the free website builder.

want to know how to get your website to the top of google?